Domestic Abuse Increases During Lockdown

One call relating to domestic abuse was made to the police every 30 seconds in the first seven weeks of lockdown in the UK, with reports including kidnapping, arson, poisoning and revenge porn in addition to violence and rape.

Three quarters of women in abusive relationships suffered more violence from their partners during the pandemic, because lockdown made it more difficult – or impossible – to escape an abusive partner.

Reports escalated so seriously that nineteen days into lockdown the government announced an additional £2 million to domestic abuse helplines, although many women’s aid charities claimed this was too little too late and ‘a very poor effort’.

In the Panorama episode screened on the 17 August 2020, Victoria Derbyshire investigated what the Corona virus lockdown meant for those trapped with an abusive partner, and met some of those who managed to escape.

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